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Wisdom Wednesday

Wisdom Wednesday

Giving horses a hair cut that looks nice is not as easy as it seems.

Horses manes and forelocks are quite layered at the ends so if you take a pair of scissors to them then you are going to be left with some horrendous bangs lol.

The best way to shorten a mane and forelock is to use a thinning comb which is just a razor blade in a comb. But there is a trick to it, you can’t just go straight in to it otherwise you will again have bangs just all over the place lol. You want to ensure that you feather the ends. If you are wanting to make the mane a bit thinner then flip the mane over to the side which it doesn’t naturally sit and gently comb your thinning brush through starting at the base. This will cut the hairs form underneath so when you flip the mane back over it can’t be seen.

I personally am hopless at trying to do human hair, I don’t think I am even capable of putting someone else’s hair in a nice pony tail lol. However through a lot of practice (thanks Toby) I have become really good a making a horse look great.

So during this lock down time I would love to see some of your transformations that you have done!

Post some photos below!

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