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Skill Sets Saturday

How to ride a correct 20 metre circle.

This sounds easy enough until you have to be able to multi task riding your horse, planning the circle, and communicating to your horse where you need them to be.

I have a great video on my YouTube channel that demonstrates how to break down the circle into easier steps so that you can start to ride lovely and correct 20 metre circles.

The first step to being able to do a 20m circle correctly is to know the measurements in a dressage arena and the basic dimensions of a circle.

Once you have that it is probably easier to practise on foot and start to map out your circles.

When you are confident with those steps it is time to take to it under saddle.

Start at a walk. Get confident at the walk first, then move up to the trot, and then finally the canter.

It is a step by step process. Take your time with the basics. Without the basics firmly down you will find it very difficult to master the circle in a dressage test.

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