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Riding Lessons


Here at MEA we strive to ensure that everyone has fun, learns appropriate skills both on and off the ground, and that safety and horsemanship is at the forefront of lessons.

By teaching the correct skills and safety techniques we can help to improve the safety aspects that can be associated with having fun around our equine friends.

We also offer our clients the insight into basic horse psychology to learn how and why they think and behave so differently to us. We believe that this knowledge is what will help you keep moving forward with your riding and eventually your horse's training, without taking backward steps which can often occur through miscommunication in the partnership.

If you are looking for some quick and helpful tips and tutorials jump over to the online lessons and subscribe to the YouTube channel for free!!!

It's like having a virtual instructor at your fingertips. 

The YouTube channel is linked to the website so just click on the Online Lesson tab and check them out now! :)

2023 Term dates:
Term 1: Starts Monday 30th January and finishes Sunday 9th April
Term 2: Starts Monday 24th April and finishes Sunday 2nd July
Term 3: Starts Monday 17th July and finishes 24th September
Term 4: Starts Monday 9th October and finishes 17th December

Term/Weekly lessons: $88 - 1hr private lessons
                                            $55 - 30min private lessons

                                     $66 - 1hr group lessons

Casual Lessons: $99 - 1hr private lessons
                                  $66 - 30min private lessons

                           $77 - 1hr group lessons

All prices are GST inclusive.


Important Information:

  • All lessons are to be paid prior to your lesson with either cash or direct deposit.

  • Cancellations within 24hrs of your lesson time will be made payable in full.

  • We have a range of horses to suit everyone. However we do have a 100kg weight limit to ensure our horses well being.

  • Please arrive 10 minutes before your lesson time, if you are running late we will still be concluding at our scheduled time so we do not run late for the next lesson.

  • All paperwork including a waiver must be filled out prior to your lesson.

  • Suitable clothing as in long pants and a sleeved shirt must be worn, also all jewellery should be removed to ensure it doesn't get broken, lost, damaged, or cause injury.

  • Suitable footwear must be worn. This is a closed in shoe with a smooth sole and a small heel.

  • Helmets are to be worn by every rider. They must be an Australian approved helmet that is less than 5 years old. We do have helmets here available for use but it is encouraged that you do purchase your own if you are going to be riding regularly.            

Introducing the MEA lesson horses


Petal is a Registered Welsh Mountain Pony "Harwood Hibscus" standing approx 12.3hh and is 21 yo. She is a fantastic lesson horse and brings so much joy to the students!
Petal is a perfect size for all our younger students. She has loads of personality and is a very smart little mare who can quickly adjust to rider's level.


Sammie is a one in a billion horse!
I have had the pleasure of spending the majority of our racing careers together including two wins! Sammie has now been retired from racing for sometime now and he is in his prime at age 14yo.
He is a perfect graduate of the MEA Ottb program  who exhibits huge amounts of patience and willingness for his riders that are learning.
Sammie is a great horse for beginners through to our more advanced riders and can change and adjust for all the rider levels. He is super intelligent and loves to be around people.


Battler is a 19 yo Australian Stockhorse.
Battler is a very kind, gentle, and laid back horse that has a beautiful soul.
He just wants to please his riders and will go all day without any hassles as long as he gets a cuddle from each of his riders :)
He is a very smart horse and can adjust to both beginner riders to those that are more advanced.
He is loved by everyone that meets him!

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