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OTTB Dream Team
Saving Lives and Making Dreams Come True

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Thoroughbreds are often underestimated as they are deemed 'crazy' and 'hot' and 'uncontrollable'. I have a totally different opinion of the Thoroughbred; I find that they are a sensitive breed that require extra feel, trust, respect, understanding and patience.
I believe that the Thoroughbred has a lot more to offer than other breeds, not just in their versatility, but by virtue of understanding their mannerisms we can evolve as a greater horsemen/women and also learn to become calm and settled within ourselves.
When purchasing a Thoroughbred many people will often experience a journey of self discovery and self healing.

As Thoroughbreds are quiet sensitive they are prone to developing anxiety. And most of their outbursts are just communication breakdowns between horse and rider resulting in an overwhelming situation for them. The thoroughbred teaches us to have patience, understanding, and clear logical thought processes with their learning journey. 

Through many years of training across various disciplines including English, Western, and Racing; as well as an endless commitment to learn and understand horse psychology I have developed a method to avoid the common mistakes that lead to stereotypical behaviours associated with an overwhelmed OTTB.
Through learning the skills here in our program you will not only change your horses behavioural patterns but you will also start to find your inner-self and make personal transformations and get your goals back on track!

Start creating the life you have always wanted now!
* Our program will help you create new thought processes to get your goals on track
* Develop that unbreakable connection you have always dreamed of having with your horse

* Learn new training techniques which are soft and gentle but are result driven using only your horse's psychology

* Develop skills to remain calm in intense situations, preventing any anxiety build ups from horse.

What will you learn:

* Exclusive horse psychology insights leading to an enhanced ability to assess your horse's behaviour
* An understanding of your equine partners language - learn to be able to hear their whisper
* Gain total emotional control whilst working with your equine partner
* Learn to let go of negative situations so you can be present and focus on what is right in front of you
* Learn to let go of the marketing power of guilt, and gain confidence in yourself as a horse owner
* Valuable ground skills to communicate with your horse and form leadership from the ground up
* Step by step guide to keep your horse happy and calm during all training sessions
* We will refine your timing so you can be as efficient and effective as possible during your training sessions
* Under saddle techniques to slow your horse down from racing

* Learn techniques to gain control of your horse's shoulder so you can be a leader for your equine partner

* We will also sharpen up all your pre-existing training
* How to establish an appropriate training program for you and your horse

All OTTB Dream Team participants will also get one month free access to our exclusive Dream Team online videos for further help and guidance on your journey. You will also have unlimited help from the team here at MEA to help sort out any problems that you may encounter.

Flexible Clinic Options:

Option 1: If you purchase one of our lovely OTTB Dream Team graduates then the clinic will be discounted! 
Option 2: Course attendance with your own OTTB is $121 per day.

Option 3: Course attendance using one of MEA's OTTBs for the clinic. $165 per day.
Option 4: Fence sitting! Yes you can attend even if you choose not to bring/use a horse. $55 per day.

All food and beverages are provided, accommodation for yourself and your horse can also be arranged :)

For any further information please do not hesitate to ask by sending us an email, call, or contact us on Facebook.

OTTB Dream Team Horse Rehoming Sales
The different pricing that is seen is reflective of the level of education that the horse has received while being here at MEA, these are outlined below, and the horse's future potential.

Each horse and rider is assessed for suitability, and we refuse to sell a horse that will not be suited to a rider.  

Level 1 Education: The horse will have undergone re-training and has only learnt the basics of back-up, walk, trot, canter and basic leg aids. The horse is still quite green to being a pleasure horse, and further education is required.

Level 2 Education: The horse will have undergone re-training and has established walk, trot, canter, back-up, leg aids and is staring to learn some collection aids. The horse will be a 'blank canvas' and ready to go into your desired discipline. Further education will be required for your chosen discipline.
Level 3 Education: The horse will have undergone re-training and has established all the basics including leg aids. Collection is established and the horse is starting to learn to work forward in a more correct manner. 
Level 4 Education: The horse has undergone re-training and has all the basics well established. Collection is also well established and the horse is now used to working in collected frame. The horse will have the basics of their suited discipline established.

Level 5 Education: The horse has undergone re-training and has all the basics established. Collection is well established. The horse will be staring to further their education in their most suited discipline. The horse will have had an outing to start their competition journey.

Meet the current MEA Ottbs available for purchase


Available: Now

Price: $2750
Racing Name: Corleone. Never raced or trialled.
Age:  7 years old
Colour: Bay
Markings: stocking n/s hind, Blaze
Sex: Mare
Height: 16hh
Training Level: Level 4 OTTB Dream Team Scale.

Rider Suitability: Intermediate and upwards. 
Discipline Suitability: Zoey is a gorgeous mare that will be competitive in the show ring. Her sweet and kind nature would also allow her to be a fantastic all rounder and even a childs mount once she has had some further training and exposure to new environments.
Vices: None.
Ground Manners: Perfect! 
Catching: No issues, will come up to you in the paddock.
Grooming and Hosing: Perfect. Doesn't really like the hose on her face but she will put up with it.
Handling Hooves and Hoof Condition: Currently barefoot. Great to pick up and clean out, perfect for the farrier.
Tacking and Untacking: Perfect
Rugging and Unrugging: Perfect.
Stabling: No issues.
Paddock manners: Great with other horses or by herself.
Transporting: Perfect.
* Fine with dogs, quad bikes, and cars.
* For all other information please watch his videos to see him in action!!!
Keep scrolling down for ridden video footage.

Ridden Videos

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 MEA OTTB Graduates
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