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Thursday Training Tips


When people start out wanting to collect their horses they focus on head set only. This results in a ‘false’ or ‘untrue’ collection where by the horse is overflexed at the poll causing an unnatural carriage.

True collection is achieved by focusing on the horses body rather than the head placement. Once you get your horse working correctly through their body with impulsion, straightness, flexion, self carriage; only then can you get the horse to carry themselves in a collected frame that is natural for them.

Mastering true collection takes a long time and lots of feel.

We will be putting out an online course in the near future on collection so keep your eye out for it!

#horse #collection #horseriding #horseridingtips #equestriancoach #equestrian #dressage #dressagetraining @ Tamworth, New South Wales

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