Terrible Twos Tuesday

My baby Bumble has his first lunging lesson today.

This is a short snippet from the full video which can be found on our YouTube channel- just search Melissa’s Equestrian Academy.

In the video I talk through each thing I am doing.

A lot of young horses can end up with some bad habits of explosive behaviour to get away from aids and it’s important to take the right steps to ensure they learn how to react appropriately.

Slow, Steady and Soft is the key when working with young horses.

As you can see Bumble does little ‘jumps’ when I very gently touch him with the whip to ask him to go forward. This overreaction will go away as he gets more comfortable with this new type of communication. So it’s important that we don’t react and reprimand him for trying to do what we are asking.

Ground work is SO important with young horses to develop a good foundation of communication so when you do move on to breaking them in that they are confident and don’t become overwhelmed with the communication processes.

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