Workout Wednesday

Today we are going to focus on our core. Our core is super important as it is what holds our upper body in position as well as helps control our pelvis. If our core muscles are weak you will notice that you will tip forward very easily when ever you move your arms or if there is any motion from the horse that causes our body to move forward (eg horse stopping) and you can not resist against it.

Some great core exercises include sit ups, leg raises, planking, and also leg raises while you are holding on to something in the chin up position (if you have super strong core muscles you will eventually be able to lift your feet to your hands!).

Always start off slowly and work your way up. If you are unsure of what or how to start there there are plenty of experts with online courses available and if you are up to it then get a personal trainer. If you have any health issues always seek advice from your doctor beforehand.

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