• Melissa

Wisdom Wednesday

Did you know that the more you brush your horses tail the thinner it will become??

One hair in your horses tail takes approximately 2 years to grow the full length. So if you are brushing the tail every time and you pull through the knots and pull a few hairs out then that’s 2 years you will have to wait to get those hairs back!

Now I’m not saying to not brush your horses tail, you just need to do a few things different to help it stay healthy and full.

Whenever you are brushing out the tail be very careful and gentle. Always use a detangler. If you do get to a knot then gently use your fingers to try and get it out rather than just ripping the brush through it.

To avoid the tail getting ripped out on fences and trees etc keep it either plaited or in a tail bag.

And lastly not many people realise that horses can stand and pull out their own tails if they are too long and they step backwards on to it. So try to make sure you keep it trimmed so it is a couple of inches from the ground.

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