Wisdom Wednesday

Cleaning the Sheath Now this is a bit of a nasty yucky job but it is something that has to be done for our horses health and well being. A lot of people (and horses) don’t really like this being done so will often get someone else in to do the job, and if you aren’t sure of how to do this then it is a great idea so you and your horse stay safe. Now there is a small ‘pocket’ at the end of the male horse’s penis just above the opening of the urethra. Now this can get crammed with sweat, dirt and old skin; this is known as smegma. If this builds up and isn’t able to fall out it can create what is known as a bean. Now this is extremely uncomfortable and quite painful at times for your horse. It can also make urinating very difficult as well if it is bad. I recommend this be done every 12 months for your horse’s well being. If you would like more information or more help with this please feel free to inbox me

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