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Weird Facts Wednesday

Weird Facts Wednesday How many of you have experienced a horse pulling bandages off cuts when they are in the paddock? I certainly have! And it is so frustrating as you are trying your best to heal the wound as quickly as possible and also spending hundreds of dollars on the bandages and dressing only to see it lying in the paddock hours after being applied. I have the solution to your problems! I stitch the end of the bandage in place. This stops the horse being able unravel the bandage and it stays on as long as you need it to. Now to do this I just use a large curved needle as this is the safest way to avoid pricking your horse with the needle. If you are young you may need any adult to assist you with this. If you are not good at sewing then just practice on something beforehand to get a feel of what you are doing prior to attempting it on a horse.

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