Training Tips Tuesday

Horses require us to have a calm and centred disposition when we are working with them, especially young horses.

This is a skill that so many people lack in the equestrian world, and seen so often.

So how can we overcome this?

The best thing that a rider can learn to do is meditate.

Practise meditation on a regular basis to help you gain control of your energy and thoughts.

When working with horses and you feel yourself starting to get irritated or frustrated use your meditation skills to regulate your feelings, emotions, and thoughts and bring yourself back down to a neutral level.

The response your horse will have will amaze you. There won't be huge fights, there will just be learning.

Your horse will be much more calmer when they are with you, they will trust you more and be ready and willing to work with you any time you are with them.

There are millions of videos on YouTube that will help you get started.

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