Training Tips Thursday

This is a great training tip that has come directly out of our first EBook to be published. You have to get your position correct from the beginning.

I want you to imagine I am building a horse shelter, so it has just four posts and a roof. Now if I just place the posts on top of the ground and secure the roof it will stay standing up as long as nothing interferes with it such as wind or a horse bumping it. The second that something makes it unbalanced it is going to fall over. BUT!! If we secure the posts in the ground and give it stability the shelter is going to be able to withstand quite a lot of outside forces and still remain standing, balanced and secure. The same goes for your position! If you don't have the correct position you can still ride and everything will be fine until something happens. It could be as simple as the horse stumbles hard. This could result in you falling over the front of the horse. However if your position is correct, balanced and strong then you will find that the same situation that made you fall off before won't be an issue anymore. Happy Riding Everyone!

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