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Sunday Funday

Sunday – funday Some Liberty work Getting your horse to do liberty is fun and pretty cool. I started doing this years and years ago before I even knew it had a name lol. To start off with we can aim to just get your horse to follow you around in a small area like a round yard or small yard. If you don’t have acces to this then just use a long lead such as a lunge lead but try not to use it to communicate to your except as a boundary. Have some food treats as a reward for your horse, horses learn so much faster with positive reinforcement. Start off with getting your horse to just want to stand next to you, reward them for this. When they are happy to be with you try taking a step. If they follow you then another reward. Then two steps and another reward if they follow you. If your horse becomes pushy towards you for the food, make them take a step or two backwards before they get the treat. They will start to learn where the ‘good’ spot is to get their treat. If at any stage your horse wants to move away from you push them away and get them to do a few lunge laps around you and then ask them to stop and to come back to you and start again.

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