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Story Time Sunday

Today is Mothers Day so I think it would only be fitting to have an appreciation post to my Mum.

My poor Mum has had to put up with a lot lol. The horse obsession started at an early age and despite her efforts to get me to like another sport that was cheaper and safer, horses were in my blood.

Now my Mum is still to this day not a horsey person but never the less she still supports my dreams and goals 100%. Now that is unconditional love! Mum only likes Toby (the old boy) who we have had for almost 19 years, and loves to give him a pat and some treats. The rest of them she is quite happy to have a fence between her and them lol. She has had my back through the good times and the bad times, supported me through the worst drought in history, and never doubted me. Without the endless support my Mum has given me I would not be where I am today.

Happy Mothers Day to the best Mum I could of ever asked for! I hope your day is amazing just like you! And Happy Mothers Day to all the Mums of horse crazy kids! You are the back bone of the equestrian world!

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