Story Time Sunday

The Day I got my First Horse. I will never forget the feeling that was inside me the day I got my first horse Blaze.

The feeling of excitement, joy, happiness, love, and passion was overwhelming!

And even now I still get it when ever I pick up a new horse lol, that feeling never goes away!

Having the love and passion for horses is just something that we are born with. And not everybody can understand this, and that's ok, they just don't have that love of horses in their blood.

Was getting my own horse at that time the right thing to do?? Hell NO! I had no idea what I was doing! I had very little support and knew next to nothing. Did it get me hurt?? - YES! I had quite a few falls (and a lot of close calls lol) but I did learn to stick on.

But the most important thing aside from that is that poor Blaze never had the opportunity to be a good horse. I look back now and see that she did try really hard, I just had no idea and did sooooooooooooooooo many things wrong and it resulted in her being a very naughty horse. We all just used to think she was crazy but in reality it was me that was sending her crazy.

There is no doubt that if I had the support around me to help me understand how horses communicate and how to listen to them that it would have been a completely different situation.

This skill is something that I teach all my riders. I want to ensure that no one ends up in my situation and no horse has to be deemed dangerous because of rider error. Do we make mistakes? YES Do I still make mistakes? YES

But the difference is to be able to listen to horse straight away and fix what you are doing, as opposed to continuing down the dictator pathway and forcing the horse to do something and resulting in a horse that cannot handle the way the rider is communicating/training.

If you are having trouble with your horse please do not hesitate to reach out. We want to help you and your horse achieve greatness together!

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