• Melissa

Safety Saturday

Who here has ever had their foot stood on by a horse? Me! Quite often it is us that is at fault when this happens. If we let the horse get too close to us by letting them push in to our space we are putting ourselves at risk of them stepping on our foot. If we put our feet too close to theirs and they move slightly we are at risk. If we are not paying attention to what the horse is doing and don’t move our feet quick enough – yep you guessed it we are at risk. So it is up to you to ensure that you never let your horse get their hooves close enough to your feet that they can step on them. I also get asked why a horse would stand on our foot. Well they can’t actually see where they are putting their feet from the way their eyes are postioned on their head unless they move and tilt their head. So if you put your foot too close to your horses hoof they can’t actually see it and when they stand on it they won’t actually even know that they have done it. Be Safe and happy riding everyone!!!

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