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Safety Saturday

Accidents unfortunately do occur around horses even if we do our best to avoid them (horse’s forget to read the OH&S manual). It is a good idea to always let someone know what you are doing and where you will be. I always have my phone on me or very close by so that if something happens then I have a good chance of being able to contact someone. I work with them all day everyday and 90% of the time I am by myself so if anything was to happen and I couldn’t contact anyone I could be lying there for hours until help arrived. I remember one time when I was quite young I rode Toby down to visit my other horse Blaze. Well silly me managed to get kicked by Blaze. (Now this is where I show my age lol) I didn’t have a mobile phone on me and no one was around. So i had to get on Toby (bareback) and ride about 3/4kms back to my Dad’s place to get home. I was in agony and bawling my eyes out the whole way home. Luckily Toby was amazing (as he always is) and carried me home safely. And thank god I am a tough little cookie lol. I hope that from my unfortunate experience that it can help you guys stay a little safer and avoid being stuck in a situation like that. P.S. I still have a dent in my leg from where Blaze kicked me all those years ago!

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