Safety Saturday

Never tie your horse up to anything solid and always make sure you use a quick release knot. Horses are  extremely strong and a lot of the times people underestimate how strong they can be. If tie them up to a wooden railing and think it won’t break you will be mistaken. I always use the twine that is used to keep the hay baled up. It is strong enough it won’t break easily however it will break if the horse needs to get away. This simple exercise can save you thousands in repair bills and replacing broken equipment. Using a quick release knot is a good idea so that if you need to get your horse out quickly you can and it also prevents any further damages by the horse panicking due to being stuck and having them lash out and injure themselves further.

My first lesson on this was watching my 14hh appy drag a picnic table with her when the lead became caught around the leg of the table. Epic fail 🤦🏼‍♀️ But I learnt from it and that’s the most important thing with everything that goes wrong, remember the lesson!

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