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Monday Motivation

Planning. Yes I said it lol. If you want to reach goals then you have to plan it out. Just trying to ‘wing’ it will only get you so far. If you are 100% committed to reaching your goals then you have to set it out (in realistic time frames) and work hard to achieve those goals. As we all know however our horses sometimes miss these memos about the goals we have set and they have other plans in store for us. But don’t be discouraged! Everyone is experiencing the same things. All you have to do is alter your plans a little bit when this happens. It might mean having to put an extra day of work in to them, or maybe adding more time to your goals. There is nothing wrong with having to alter our plans if our horses are not happy and not working in with our time frame we have set out. But let me make one thing clear – never ever give up on those goals! NO MATTER WHAT!!!! Let me know some goals that you have set out for the next twelve months, I would love to hear them! One of my goals is to get Sutton Oracle training Elementrylevel and competing in Novice tests by the end of the year. (God pleeeeeease help me haha!)

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