Monday Motivation

Learning to not worry what someone else tells

you is hard. We over think and actually start to believe what the other person has said even though it is not true. Never ever let the words of someone else belittle you or try to cause doubt in yourself. These people who have the inability to show love, respect and compassion towards others is a horrible trait and really those people do not deserve to be apart of your life. If you are around people that constantly poke at you and create self doubt in your mind then you need to start limiting your time with them. You must believe in yourself and always have your own back. Is it easy – hell no! But if we can ride a 600kg horse and not be scared then you certainly shouldn’t be worrying about someone’s words LOL! Here is a little example of a person on a social media platform, in group where I give my advice and help to people who are struggling with their horses. The lady was asking how to train her horse to be caught. Lots of people had answered with using food, natural horsemanship methods and a variety of other things. I mentioned that if all else fails then take the water away and every 30min go up and offer a drink but they can’t have a drink until the halter is on. Once they have a drink the halter is taken off and they are left alone. Eventually they will correlate that the halter doesn’t mean work and is actually a really pleasant thing for them. A few people had said they had also done this method with both food and water with great results. Except one person who took it upon themselves to quite frankly attack me keyboard warrior style. But after a few comments back and forth I soon realised he actually didn’t know much about horse psychology and couldn’t be botheredtalking to him anymore so I used his own psychology against him to shut him up! He in no way could let me be seen to be right so I stated that I was sure he would want to have the last say knowing full well he wouldn’t be able to reply hahaha!!! So yes his words could have hurt me but at the end of the day I outsmarted him and used psychology against him to get him to do what I wanted (to stop talking to me) and it worked! I walked away knowing I just out trained him! So please never let people give you self doubt; outsmart them, outwit them, out work them and live your best life!!! And always BE KIND

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