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Monday Motivation

It can be really difficult to stay focused and stay in track in this crazy world we live in.

Finding a mentor can work wonders if you are 100% committed to your goals.

What can the right mentor help you do?

• They will help you make the right goals on a weekly basis.

• They will push you to and keep you on track with each project you set out.

• They will keep you motivated; they will remind you that you have the skills to do it, boost your up, and keep your spirits up.

• They will be able to pass on their professional know how.

• They will help you work through the difficult times and explain concepts you haven’t fully grasped yet.

• They will give you honest feedback to ensure you reach your goals.

Your riding instructor is a great mentor.

However if you don’t have that available to you here are some tips to help you find the right one for you.

• Find someone you want to be like.

• Study the person.

• Make the ‘ask’

• Commit to the process.

Have you set yourself goals this week?

Happy Riding Everyone! 😊🐎❤️

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