Friday Feeding Tips

It is starting to get quite cold overnight here in Tamworth (which I am loving!)

This means that we should be looking at our horses diets to help ensure they stay warm and hold their weight well over the cooler months.

So here is a few tips to help ensure your feeds will meet the dietary needs of your horse.

1. A good source of fibre such as hay will produce a good amount of heat from the digestion process. The microbes that break down the fibre chains release heat as a byproduct, keeping your horse warm from the inside out.

2. Ensure your horse gets some additional calories to help hold their weight. Better quality hays can provide a great source of extra calories as well as help with the first tip. Another source of fats is to provide an oil in your horses feed.

3. If you have poor or less than ideal pasture over the winter months it is advisable to supply a vitamin and mineral supplement if your horse is not getting enough from the feeds that you are already providing. (A lot of pre mixed feeds are well balanced already so check tour feeds before going and adding more otherwise you will simply be wasting your money if they are already getting what they need as the body will excrete any excess through their kidneys and urine)

I hope this helps you out for the cooler months ahead 😊

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact me for further help 😊

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