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Friday Feeding Tips

Supplements Is feeding a vitamin and mineral supplement a good thing or a bad thing? If your horse is getting some type of premade feed then most likely they will already be getting their required amounts as majority of feeds these days already have a great balanced vitamin and mineral supplement already added to them. If you are adding more on top you will just be throwing your money away as the horses body will just be getting rid of any excess vitamin and minerals through their kidneys and urinating it out. If your horse is only on pasture that isn’t of great quality or your soil is quite deficient then the supplement can be very beneficial for your horse. Electrolytes and Salts. I only supplement these during summer and when the horse is sweating on a regular basis from work. Otherwise again your horse will just be excreting the excess through urination. There are many other types of supplements out there and they all have great benefits to them. Just make sure that you read up on what they are helpful for and ensure that your horse is requiring it prior to adding it to your horses diet. If you have any questions or are unsure of something then please send me a message and we will be more than happy to help you get your horses balance right.

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Friday Feeding Tips

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