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Friday Feeding Tips

Apologies for being away for a couple of weeks, the business has been so busy and unfortunately there is only one of me and I have just been unable to keep up with the blog.

But things are settling back down and I can start to focus on our blog again!

So for this weeks feeding tip I wanted to focus on the need for you to be able to tell what your horse needs by a visual assessment.

If your horse is of a healthy weight but lacks topline and you are working them enough but they are not gaining any topline then you require extra protein so your horse has the building blocks to make more muscle and fill their topline out.

If your horse has good muscle definition but still looks lean then you need more digestible energy which can turn into fat storages giving your horse a much fuller appearance.

These are just some basic examples but you must know your horse well and watch and learn how your horses body changes with a change in diet.

As always if you need help sorting out a feed regime please don’t hesitate to send me a message 😊

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Friday Feeding Tips

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