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The Dream Team

Do you want to become an MEA Dream Teamer and be apart of the best equine learning community you could ever wish for? If so then check out the Dream Teams below.

The Dream Team has been created to give everyone a safe and enjoyable area to learn. It is an online classroom where you will grow as a rider, be able to achieve all your dreams, and create an amazing relationship with your horse!


So what do you get by becoming a Dream Teamer?

  • Access to many exclusive short video courses that aims to teach and support you every step of your journey.

  • Exclusive Dream Teamers EBooks.

  • Many helpful cheat sheets that you can print off to keep handy at all times.

  • Forms that help you stay organised and on track.

  • A forum where you can ask questions.

  • A weekly webinar with Melissa where you can ask questions and discuss any problems that you are having.

  • And a private FaceBook Group where you can interact with each other and share all of your achievements with each other!

These are the courses that we have in our Dream Team.

Beginner Rider (still in creation)

OTTB Retraining (still in creation process)

Learning True Collection (still in creation process)

Owning your first Horse (still in creation process)
Groundwork (still in creation)
Young Horses (still in creation)

How to deal with Naughty Horses (still in creation)

Common Position Mistakes and how to Correct them

How to listen to your horse

Learn how to communicate with your horse

More courses will continue to be made and uploaded every month.

Are you ready to become a Dream Teamer???

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