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Weird Facts Wednesday

A horse does not have a gag reflex and hence does not have the ability to vomit. (Imagine the size of the mess if they could ) This however poses a great risk to the health of a horse. You may have heard of colic? It is basically a massive stomach ache and be caused by many many different things. One thing that can cause colic is the horse eating things that they shouldn’t. It could be mouldy food, baling twine, or even their own rugs that they rip apart. Once it is swallowed it has no choice but to go through the digestive track. If it causes a blockage it can then lead to a twist in the intestines which can only be fixed via surgery, however in most cases horses are normally humanely ethuanised. So please ,make sure that you keep rubbish and anything else away from horses (espically curious youngsters) so they do not cause themselves serious harm by ingesting things that they shouldn’t.

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