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Story Time Sunday

I thought I would give a bit of a throw back to my very first horse Blaze, or as we used to call her Crazy Blazey.

Blaze was a beautiful Appaloosa but she had a few things going on mentally that used to cause her to be quiet naughty. I had very little knowledge about horses back then so we all basically thought that she was just a bad horse that was naughty. Now with the knowledge that I have now it is blatantly obvious that I was the cause of most of her issues. I didn't understand anything about horse training, I didn't even know that horses could learn bad habits like bolting and rearing because of what I was doing wrong. She most definitely taught me how to hold on though lol, but she taught me so much later on about how a rider that doesn't have the knowledge to do better can severely impact the mental wellbeing of the horse. We had the most wonderful relationship on the ground and I could do anything with her as long as I wasn't riding her. Was she in pain? Most likely. And that would of been adding fuel to the fire. Unfortunately by the time I had the knowledge to do better Blaze had already passed on to greener pastures in horsey heaven due to old age. This is one of the main reasons why I want to help as many people and horses as I possibly can so that we can make a difference and make this a better world for both horses and humans. I also want you to keep in mind that this happened over 20 years ago, so the internet wasn't available at the touch of a screen and seeking help via YouTube wasn't a possibility for me back then and I only had access to people directly around me, so information was hard and slow to access. Thankfully times have changed and we are able to access help much quicker these days. Happy Riding Everyone!

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