Skill Set Saturday

Do horses communicate to us?? YES!!!!!! Our horses are constantly communicating with us, you just have to understand how they are doing so.

Horses communicate to us through their body language. We have to be able to understand this and start to listen with our eyes. Yep you heard me.


This is where so many people get stuck with their horses as they aren't listening to what the horse is trying to tell them and trying to just constantly dictate to them orders. Put yourself in your horses shoes for a moment. Lets imagine you have someone that has just arrived and now they are controlling everything you do. They don't let you speak or do anything that you want and if you try you get punished for it. You are trying your best to do as they ask but you are confused and try to express that you don't know what they want but agaiin you get punished for it. Eventually you are going to either explode or just give up inside. Now that isn't a great relationship to have with your horse.

You want to have a partnership where your horse can communicate with you and you are able to listen them and their needs. If you ask them to do something and they respond with doing as you ask then reward them. The conversation between a beginner rider turning a horse is as follows: Rider: Pulling the rein - Could you please turn this way. Horse: Makes the turn - Yes I certainly can. Rider: Releases rein pressure - Thank you that's all the turning I require there. Rider: Gives a pat - Thank you for doing such a great job.

I hope this clears up how you communicate with your horse and that it allows you to start to build a better relationship and better communication with your horse. Happy Riding and have a Magical Day!

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