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Friday Feeding Tips

Is your horse carrying enough weight?

This diagram shows where subcutaneous fat is stored. (Subcutaneous fat is excess fat, a little is healthy but too much is unhealthy).

Use this diagram alongside a body condition score to help analyse where your horses body condition is at.

This drought that we are experiencing at the moment is horrendous and it is becoming harder to source good quality feeds.

Benefits of adding a good fat source to your horses diet include:

*Concentrated energy source (2.25x more energy than carbohydrates or protein)

*Increased energy utilisation.

*Higher glycogen levels and slower depletion of muscle glycogen. This results in higher muscle reserves of energy and lower lactic acidosis accumulation.

*Reduction in gut fill. Ideal for horses working at high paces over greater than 1600m in distance.

*Decreased hindgut hear waste. Great for horses in hotter climates.

*Supply of metabolic water during metabolism. Fats proved double the amount of metabolic water in comparison to carbohydrates or protein.

*Skin health and coat condition.

*Can help reduce dust and airway allergies from any inhaled dust.

Good sources of quality fats:

>Vegetable Oils (very high)

>Whole Oil Seeds (high)

>Oil Seed Meals (low)

>Grains (low)

Here at MEA we use Rice Bran Oil. It is a great addition to their diets and all horses are maintaining great weight and their coats look amazing!

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Friday Feeding Tips

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